Leading with compassion in relationship with others.

How does one lead with an open heart and compassion in relationship with others? I share my very personal journey of having an open heart in relationship with my former partner over the past 5 months. Reconciliation is possible. Healing and growth is possible. An open heart has led to a deeper understanding of myself and our connection.


It’s 12 degrees. It’s cold. And I accept it. I am choosing to not let the cold bother me. I find contentment and joy in that choice.

Raise your level of awareness to the story and to the data of a situation in your life that is challenging you to accept. From there, move through them into a level of acceptance to move forward. For more information on my “30 Days to Fostering Greater Self Compassion” Program, hop over to www.fosteringselfcompassion.com.


It’s 12 degrees. It’s cold. And I accept it. I am choosing to not let the cold bother me. I find contentment and joy in that choice.

Raise your level of awareness to the story and to the data of a situation in your life that is challenging you to accept. From there, move through them into a level of acceptance to move forward. For more information on my “30 Days to Fostering Greater Self Compassion” Program, hop over to that page here on my website.



Welcome to my video series on fostering self-compassion. My relationship with grace has shifted recently. She knows me well and has no memory. I’m curious, how would you like to shift your relationship with grace?

Compassion is a gateway to freedom.

Where there is freedom, there is possibility. This powerful freedom empowers us to create new perspectives of ourselves, clear away past hurt and create healthy boundaries. It frees up the energy for creativity and amazing possibilities.  Through compassion, embrace this new found freedom.

Break your heart open to yourself.

‘Break your heart open to yourself’ is the beginning of a poem I wrote while learning to extend compassion to myself a few years ago. What would be the impact of breaking your heart open and habitually embracing yourself? How would you experience and see yourself differently?

The heart smiling habit of self-acknowledgment.

Cultivating the habit of self-acknowledgment positively shifts our perception of ourselves and makes our heart smile. This simple and powerful practice is healthy fuel for our personal growth. It is one of the most empowering elements in my “30 Days to Fostering Greater Self-Compassion” online program.

Our perceptions are key indicators to performance.

“How people perform correlates to how situations occur to them.” The first of three laws of performance presented by Dave Logan and Steve Zaffron in their book: The Three Laws of Performance.

My open water swimming season began on May 5th.  The air temperature was 70 with a slight sea breeze. The water temperature was a stark 47 degrees. I face this situation every May with my swimming buddy Jonathan.

I am excited for my first swim of the season. I remain calm, focused and confident as we slowly walk into the water. It takes just over 3 minutes to become fully submerged. Patience is key. The chill sets in to my muscles. I focus on my breathing. I swim about 50 yards out to the nearest mooring. I can’t keep my head under the water, the pain in my forehead hurts too much. I swim back alternating back stroke with crawl. The time reads 9 minutes. I swim until the 15 minute mark and slowly walk out of the water. With a smile on my face the season is underway.

I am called “crazy” by a few fellow open water swimmers after posting a picture to Facebook. They are willing to start swimming at 60 degrees with a wet suit. This is my edge, not theirs. I also have friends in Boston who swim in the ocean throughout the winter months. That is their edge, not mine. We all share a passion for swimming in the ocean with varying comfort depending on the circumstances.

Raise your awareness as to how you perform in particular situations in your life. How do you perceive those situations? How does that correlate with your performance? What shift is seeking to happen?

Collaborative coaching sessions can help you make the shift you are seeking.  Contact me at 401.500.5990 to reach beyond your current perceptions and raise your level of performance.

A collaborative relationship is a key component to moving forward.

It’s time to make a life altering decision. The clock is ticking. A lack of tolerance for your current circumstances (job, location or relationship) is asking you to make a change. Your heart and mind are seeking fresh opportunities.

A coaching client is weighing the decision to move to another city and create a new business all at the same time. Living outside of Boston and doing contract work is not serving his true potential or desires. The number of cities has been narrowed down to two with a strong vision and expertise to launch the business. A scouting trip is planned to finalize the choice city.

Three important components are aiding his life changing decision. The first two; his intuition and data. His gut, which is a very reliable source will let him know which city feels right. Doing the research and collecting the needed data will further support his decision.

The third important component is the objective, empowering and analytical support from me as his coach. We have created a trusting and collaborative relationship over the past six months. I listen to all the components and he is heard. I ask empowering questions to help him fine tune his own desires, intentions and goals. His emotional and intellectual energies have come into alignment. I offer objective encouragement for the decision he is about to make.

Over the next two weeks he will make these important decisions with the support of and confidence in all three components working together.

A testimonial from a different client. “I had the good fortune of having 2 sessions of coaching with Don Sorterup, at a time when I had to make some life altering decisions. He methodically assessed the situation, gauged my strengths and weaknesses, and together we devised a plan of action. He has a gentle, yet firm approach in empowering you to come up with the solution, and holds you responsible for following through. He also makes a follow up call on an agreed upon date to answer questions and keep you honest about executing the plan.  Needless to say, I made the leap I needed to make, and well on my way to manifesting my goals. I highly recommend Don as a coach, and will continue to work with him as needed.”  S.H.   Former Vice President of Clinical Services

Is it decision time for you? Let’s connect to see how my empowering coaching can support you as you move forward towards your true potential.

Who are you….at age 30, + or – a couple of years?

Hitting age 30 has perhaps been a reality check for where you thought your life might be at this age. What defines you? What no longer defines you? Come explore this inquiry with awareness and curiosity empowered to answer the next question:  knowing who you are and what you care about, how do you want to spend your time and energy?

What’s standing in the way?

What’s standing between you and being kinder and more compassionate with yourself? I find that habitual perspectives and opinions of myself stand in the way. Let’s unpack these opinions and transform them by engaging a few key elements to fostering greater self-compassion. Fostering self-compassion is a heartwarming experience!

It’s time to take out the trash!

How often do you get rid of your garbage? I’m speaking of the emotional trash one picks up in their everyday lives. As you know it begins to stink after a while. It prevents you from seeing a situation with clarity and it can alter your perception of yourself. I offer 3 empowering habits for keeping your emotional trash bin clean.

What really matters in your life?

A wonderful question to ask in the midst of our busy lives. The question beckons us to look at how we spend our time and energy. Are we aligned with our beliefs, values, intentions, goals, passions and sense of purpose in life? Live the life that matters to you! Be well.

The Power of Self-Forgiveness

Self-forgiveness is one of the most powerful elements in creating and sustaining self-compassion. The more you forgive yourself for past afflictions the more space and energy you will have to embrace and love yourself. Notice how your perception of yourself shifts as you embrace the habit.

Fostering a habit of self-forgiveness is one of the key elements offered in my “30 Days to Fostering Self-Compassion” Program.  To learn more about the program.