Your Path

Who Do You Aspire to Become?

Creating Your Path: Cultivating your personal wisdom and source of power to set intention.

This is a time of powerful transitions and opportunity, and each of us has a choice in how we show up in our personal and professional relationships. The way we show up, and the decisions we make matter, it puts us in command of the outcomes we would like to see. A clear understanding of ourselves, our unique power, and our individual goals gives us the best opportunity for the outcomes we desire.

Perspectives, beliefs, paradigms and values all contribute to the existing and potential outcomes in your life. As we work together, collaborative discussions provide the space to investigate the situations you are currently experiencing and clarify you responses to them. This information is used to set the path you’ll take to enrich the relationships (including the one with yourself!) and attract success that is meaningful to you.

Working together we will identify your individual responses with curiosity and honesty, in a compassionate one-on-one coaching session that is based on trust and co-commitment to success.

Exploring What’s Next 

We each have areas of our life that we’d like to change, both personally and professionally.

For some of us this change may mean finding ways to navigate relationships that are less successful than we’d like, or discovering ways to maximize our time and energy when the challenges we face seem to exceed our current capacity. Maybe it’s expanding our ability to better understand our goals and reach further, with the confidence in ourselves to understand the stretch.

One of my strengths as a coach is my ability to connect with you and explore the challenge at hand. We then work together to define the steps necessary to organize and achieve the solution you seek and the future state you envision. 

An objective point of view is crucial when defining a goal. By seeing other angles of a situation, opportunities are revealed that we may not have considered or anticipated. Working together, we will define and prioritize what you seek to accomplish and create a new path forward. 

The process of converting opportunities is escalated by both short and long-term strategic planning, informed by continuous discussion. I deliver this type of planning by applying project management skills and motivational goal setting that I have personally developed as a successful 30-year small business owner and competitive athlete. 

Through our work together, a consciously developed strategy is merged with careful planning to move ahead with purpose, clarity, and compassion. 

What is Future Framing?

Future Framing is an exercise that is used to identify the things you value as an individual, the challenges that you may have identified in yourself, and the place you’d like to be in a future state. It’s a framework for your desired outcome, and you see yourself in that outcome.

Ask yourself:

What is your overall intention or goal that you would like to achieve in the next 6 – 12 months?

How would your life be better when that intention or goal is achieved?

What are the current obstacles to fulfilling that intention or goal?

Who do you see yourself becoming in this process?

Your emotional wellbeing plays a vital role in this process.

My coaching and guidance will provide the pathway towards a wiser and more compassionate you; one who is emotionally intelligent and better positioned to achieve your desired outcomes. Combining the wisdom gained from our own experiences and our shared compassion-based connection, we will co-create a new possibility.

How It Works

Typically we will meet twice monthly for a 50-minute session, connecting through Zoom or by phone. In person coaching is also available for you if you are proximate to Damariscotta, Maine. Walks in nature or conversations over a cup of tea are welcome for our sessions together. I highly recommend that you plan to invest at least six months into this valuable process. Billing is on a monthly basis.

What I Bring

As an ‘objective confidant’ in this important and fulfilling process, I hold your forthrightness and intentions with deep respect and confidence.

For the past 20 years I have had a passion for witnessing and facilitating people’s personal growth. My ability to offer space, empathy and guidance has always come naturally for me. In 2011, I was certified as a professional coach by the highly regarded Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

I will offer you my calm discerning presence allowing you space to explore and integrate your own wisdom and compassion.

I believe emotions offer us vital information. Delving into that information with awareness will offer us deeper insights into our patterns and conditioning; from there we can transform our reactions into compassionate and wise responses.

Let’s Connect

I warmly invite you to reach out to me at 401.500.5990 or for a free 45 minute consultation to ensure that our working connection feels comfortable.

This is an opportunity for you and I to get to know each other, clarify the process and choose whether moving forward in our work together is desired. Your well-being is our focus. I look forward to connecting with you. Peace, Don

The Inquiry

One of the dynamics that is ever present within the coaching conversation is ‘the inquiry’. Coaching clients bring different scenarios to the conversation every day. What is arising in their lives that they seek to work with? Thereby the inquiry begins. This 7 minute video will offer you insights into this collaborative dynamic.