Each of us is on their own unique journey.

There are times when we seek clarity; perhaps in our relationships, our working life and other aspects of our personal lives.

Where do we find such clarity? I believe we find such clarity by dropping deeper into ourselves to listen to our own truth. When we take this time to listen, our own wisdom and compassion become our guides moving forward. Self love is nurtured. Clarity emerges. Fulfillment unfolds.

I consider myself a guide, a teacher and a coach as you engage in the process of cultivating your own wisdom and compassion.

In our working together we will create a pathway through exploratory conversations. I will listen deeply and curiously inquire. Tools, principles and a daily centering practice will be utilized to enlighten and empower your unfolding.

Typically I meet with clients twice a month for 50 minute sessions, connecting through zoom or phone. In person coaching is available for you if you live in the vicinity of Damariscotta, Maine. Walks in nature or conversations over a cup of tea are welcome for our sessions together.

Are you willing to commit your time, energy and resources to this invaluable process for your own well-being?

To ensure that we are a good fit, I welcome you to reach out to me at 401.500.5990. This is an opportunity for you and I to get to know each other, clarify the process and decide whether to move forward in this collaborative endeavor. Thank you. I look forward to connecting.

Be well, Don

As a certified professional coach since 2011, I offer one on one coaching for individuals seeking to cultivate their own wisdom & compassion to create a more fulfilling life.