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What are the principles and values I integrate into my coaching work with clients?

I walk everyday.

I walk everyday; I’ve established a path throughout my ‘backyard’. It offers me time to clear my head and connect to myself in a nurturing natural environment. I walk in all weather conditions. In two months time I will step further into a path I have been on for many years, I will be ordained as a Rinzai Zen Priest. My practice and studies have been a large part of my life over the past two years. I am excited to continue building a local sangha (community) here in Midcoast Maine. It is called ‘ZendoME’, our ‘zendo’ is the space in which we gather to connect and practice, ME is for Maine.

The path of zen is scripted with plenty of ‘dharma’ and yet it is only ones personal realization within their experience through their practice and studies that grounds ones faith. Our lives are mirrored before us. We take our own seat in its polishing. Other sentients in the sangha support each other on this journey towards awakening. This awakening is to our deeper selves, our grounded not knowing being, our true nature; a seeing through the dusty smears on the mirror knowing they are not permanent.

This path has informed my role as a personal coach. It empowers me to navigate the transient nature of my clients journey as I come from objectively grounded space. The more polished my mirror is the better my coaching. Individuals seeking their own authentic connection and knowing are the ones I work with as clients. They are ready to ‘show up’ in their lives and relationships in a more aligned manner and they trust me to guide them along the way. Their agenda I hold with utmost regard. Clarity emerges from our collaborative conversations.

Is it time to step further into your own life path with the support of my coaching?

In person ‘coaching walks’ are available to those proximate to Damariscotta and/or if you are interested in the practices and teachings of the ZendoME sangha, I warmly invite you to contact me at 401.500.5990.

Cultivating our own wisdom and compassion…..

A short and succinct video on what emerges when we cultivate our own wisdom and compassion.

Being Present through Meditation and Qigong

A unique offering to my coaching clients is engaging in a centering practice. Dropping into the stillness of our being offers us clarity, focus and space beyond the noise and distractions of our everyday lives. I lead my clients in mediation or/and qigong as an integral part of our sessions together.

I went everywhere with longing in my eyes…..

My own personal reflections on a favorite poem by Lalla, a 14th century mystic. To me, she points us towards our own inner wisdom and truth, instead of seeking it outside of ourselves. A key role I hold as a coach is to help you see your own wisdom and innate compassion and bring that into fruition.

The Future Framing Exercise

Where do we begin our collaborative journey? In our first session together I always begin with the future framing exercise. This exercise offers us clarification as to your intentions, where you see yourself now and who you have to be to fulfill your intention or goals.

Two questions….

Two poignant questions to elicit clarity!

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