The 3 Laws of Performance Workshop

Perform at your peak by transforming how any situation occurs to you!

Gain awareness of how you’ve already created your future based on your expectations, experience, fears and dreams.

Learn how to rewrite your future with clarity and a greater understanding, based on your current performance.

Optimize your performance and results as you integrate the 3 Laws.

  1. How people perform correlates to how situations occur to them.
  2. How a situation occurs arises in language.
  3. Future based language transforms how situations occur to people.

This interactive and inspiring presentation is adapted from the book:  The 3 Laws of Performance: by Steve Zaffron & Dave Logan.

This presentation is ideal for groups of 5 – 15 people.

Testimonials from participants:

What an excellent seminar you gave on the 3 Laws of Performance, your workshop offered practical and effective techniques on how to reframe thought processes and set behavior. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Another technique to add to my arsenal of tools for personal growth. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in breaking through an area in their lives of feeling stuck. Thank you!”  Sal Consiglio Director of Sales

Don is an inspiring and authentic leader.  I came away from his workshop feeling excited and motivated to apply the tools that I learned.”   Paul Zasada, Therapist

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