“30 Day” Program testimonials:

“Through this program, I was forced to look inward with thought provoking exercises that allowed me to think long and hard on how I treated myself, valued myself and my gifts and my purpose in this world.  It is far too easy for me to celebrate the gifts and contributions of others and completely overlook my own as I focus and ruminate on the errors, the inner judgement and the obstacles of my own life.  Don’s poetry and activities were lifting and kept me moving forward–escaping my usual trench.  I was able to stop and see my worth, my gifts, and focus on expanding those and seeing my purpose and contributions.  This work is ongoing as one does not “heal” in a month.  But this month was very powerful and enlightening.  I will continue this work for a long time and return to these exercises and reflections often.  Thank you Don.”
Paige Crosby, VT

“Wow. That’s the first word I come up with when I think about this journey I was able to go on through the “30 Days to Fostering Greater Self Compassion” Program. I will be honest the first few days were tough. You know I had to real reach in and pull out some stuff that I have kind of buried for a long time. The thing though is that I have complete control of how much and how little I wanted to bring to the program. While in the beginning I kind of held back and wanted to continue the way of thinking that doesn’t give myself a break and kind of talk down on myself, as the program went on I found myself opening up. Showing myself love and understanding and most importantly acknowledgement. One of the things I found most helpful was having Donald there to kind of validate the progress and struggles I was facing with kind of reintroducing myself to myself. He was able to help me see that I am worthy. I am a human. I am someone who is allowed to love herself and also forgive herself more importantly. This program came to me at a really difficult point in my life. A moment where I kind of felt like none of what I was feeling was right. That all this pain was supposed to happen to me. That I was deserving of it. After this program, I know darn well that is just not the case. We have to start finding the light inside ourselves and acknowledging it and that is exactly what this program has done for me. I am a 24-year-old creative beautiful minded spiritual music loving woman and I don’t feel bad about that anymore and I will continue to strive and live that way every day. If I don’t succeed every day that is okay because I will forgive myself and move to next and strive to be better. I am thankful for this program.”
Carlee A.

Collaborative Coaching Testimonials:

I started sessions with Don without any preconceived notion of what life coaching was about.  Losing my father in 2004 was devastating.  He was the one that guided me through life with any situation.  After that time, I felt lost, I just never told anybody.  After the first session with Don, I knew right away what had been missing this whole time.  Until then, I had nobody in my life to challenge me, guide me, and bring out the best in me.  I was a young doctor who just recently got married and bought a practice so I was under a lot of stress and balancing those things in my life was overwhelming.  Don has helped me get out of my own head and take these situations on with a new understanding and clarity.  With these new skills and tools I am able to face any new challenge more equipped.  Instead of frustration, there is more bliss in life and I owe a lot of this to Don!  I’ve been able to achieve more and stress less!  You have helped me more than you will ever know!  Sincerely, thank you!  Todd Dersham D.C.

“I had the good fortune of having 2 sessions of coaching with Don Sorterup, at a time when I had to make some life altering decisions. He methodically assessed the situation, gauged my strengths and weaknesses, and together we devised a plan of action. He has a gentle, yet firm approach in empowering you to come up with the solution, and holds you responsible for following through. He also makes a follow up call on an agreed upon date to answer questions and keep you honest about executing the plan.  Needless to say, I made the leap I needed to make, and well on my way to manifesting my goals. I highly recommend Don as a coach, and will continue to work with him as needed.”  S.H.   Former Vice President of Clinical Services

 “Working with Don has been an important complement to all of my other self-care work for at least two reasons. He provides external accountability for me as I strive towards achieving personal goals. Don is gifted at drawing the gold out of situations so that I learn to see my strengths and growth rather than my weaknesses and setbacks. Together, these services have enabled me to be more self-guided and self-motivated in a short time. Thanks!”    PH.D Candidate

“I am thrilled at the outcome from my coaching sessions with Don.  He asked the right questions at the right time to unlock solutions I didn’t realize were there.  And as a professional coach myself, I even knew what to expect….yet Don far exceeded those expectations.  If you want to take it to the next level, Don’s the coach that will get you there.”         S. Sommerkamp, Executive Coach

In the summer of 2012, I had been in sort of a crossroads of life. I had sought out all other avenues for guidance regarding a job change and a move out of state. I had multiple options, but also had some unfinished personal business that was seemingly holding me back and preventing me from making a definitive choice that would ultimately change my life.

I had already been friends with Don through shared interests in swimming and had asked him a few questions regarding my situation. I realized it would be more appropriate to formally hire him as a Life Coach, not knowing what to expect, I went in with an open mind.

Honestly, he offered no input other than asking questions in which I already knew the answers to. When one thinks of a life coach, I feel the misconception is someone who holds your hand and makes decisions and choices for you, or, in my case, someone who will tell me what I want to hear to make things easier. This was not the case, as Don allowed me to come to some difficult, uncomfortable, yet truthful conclusions about who I was, which in the end, turned out to be a lot of positives. The end choice resulted in me moving to Charlotte, NC to work for the number one swim club in the country as a professional coach.

I would hire Don again as he was professional and courteous, but also held me accountable which I respected a lot. He’s a good friend who holds a lot of wisdom.”                    Tim Anderson, Swim Coach

“Working with Don put me on an important journey towards self-awareness and self-acceptance.  I’ve always prided myself in my ability to listen to other people.  Don taught me how to listen to myself.  My mind and heart really do have the right answers for me and it is empowering to know that.”     Jeanne, Newport, R.I.