Transformational Coaching

An authentic, steadfast and compassionate approach to your wellbeing.
Since becoming a professional coach in 2011, it’s been my life’s mission to guide individuals in their unique journeys.

I take pride in my keen listening skills while holding space for my clients agenda. My congenial and steadfast approach is a catalyst for creating clarity and transformation.

Let’s collaborate on your agenda, manifest your intentions and attain your goals.

Through the coaching process we are able to:

Create awareness of where you are now and where you want to go with a powerful ‘why’.
Clear away limiting beliefs and create alignment with your values and passions.
Design a strategic plan with concrete action steps and clear goals for their attainment.

“I have been meeting with Don Sorterup twice per month for more than six months. During that time, I have been able to successfully mobilize many aspects of my life. More specifically, I have been setting goals with regularity and experiencing positive measurable results.  Don has very keen listening skills. Additionally, he brings specific coaching skills and a warm, caring approach to each session. We often identify my self-imposed blocks, discuss them and identify a new, lighted pathways for me to pursue.  Don had been instrumental in me becoming aware of my true potential. This awareness has been a tipping point in not only my ability to succeed in more areas of life but it has also improved my overall enjoyment of life.” Alan J.

I offer my one on one coaching services for a limited number of individuals.

Possibilities & Potential:  A minimum commitment of 6 months at $300/month, which includes two 50 minute coaching sessions per month.

I believe that as you become more aligned with your purpose, passions and truth, your performance and results will be optimized.  As your energy shifts….fulfillment will emerge.  My confidential, objective and intuitive coaching style can help facilitate your alignment.

Reach out to me today to schedule a FREE consultation and learn more about how my coaching can serve you.

After our initial consultation you are welcome to submit your payment through Paypal below or via check.  NOTE: Payment is for the first month and future payments will be billed subsequently.

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