A Course on Expanding Awareness & Potential

Tools for Greater Clarity, Resiliency and Peace of Mind

A Six-Week Personal Coaching Course

One of my greatest advocates is my own awareness. Prior to honing this wisely compassionate awareness, I would make knee jerk decisions based on the emotional state of mind I was in at the time.  This often led to greater conflicts in my relationships and interactions. Not being true to myself led me to sabotage my own wellbeing. 

Engaging with this dynamic through several years of practice, I now approach situations by raising my awareness, calmly collecting data, and objectively assessing any emotions (and their impact), integrating wisdom and compassion at the same time. 

This integration brings clarity and resiliency, allowing me to make decisions based on what I value and care about.  Creativity emerges.  Choice points reveal themselves.  Knowing that my heart and mind are invested in and aligned with my potential brings me confidence and peace of mind. I then decide the best course of action and move forward towards my potential, with greater success.

I would like to share this practice I’ve developed with you, to foster your own potential.

This Six-Week Personal Coaching Course Will:

  • Provide you with a clear assessment of your strengths as well as areas that can benefit from development.
  • Provide you with a clear plan for using new engagement tools to hone your practice and approach challenges in a new way.
  • Introduce you to a centering practice, such as meditation, qigong (moving meditation) or mindful walking to support your development.
  • Offer you a completely personalized, collaborative process based on objective, supportive discussion. Check-ins between sessions are welcome and encouraged as I am committed to your success.  

With a confident command of these tools, you’ll better define your intentions and frame the life goals that matter most to you.

Course Outline:
Week One:
⁃ Course overview
⁃ What is Awareness? Assessment of your current level of engagement and experience.
⁃ Integrating your centering practice.
⁃ Establishing a personal intention pertaining to a challenging situation in your life that you are ready to transform.
Week Two:
⁃ In depth dialogue on integrating your own wisdom and compassion with emphasis on your intentional situation.
⁃ What’s arising in your experiential shift of awareness and your centering practice? We will check-in on this every week.
Week Three:
⁃ Identifying your personal patterns that seek to be transformed based on their impact.
⁃ Acknowledging incremental successes and insights.
⁃ Deepening your centering practice.
Week Four:
⁃ ‘Choice Points’ reveal themselves through the expanding awareness, pattern recognition and through your centering practice.
⁃ Clarifying your values. What are you seeking to experience through the prioritization of what you deeply care about.
Weeks Five & Six:
⁃ Creating a short & long term vision through your unfolding wisdom and compassion. What is your true potential?
⁃ Celebrating insights and shifts towards your growing clarity, resiliency and peace of mind.
⁃ Honing the dynamic to create continuity of practice.

Weekly one-on-one coaching meetings are an important part of our work together and an essential element of developing a centering practice within your individual life context. Your availability to engage in the process and shift your current life dynamic is also a key component for success. As we discuss your present state and future goals we will define and clarify your path forward. 

A free introductory conversation is a prerequisite for enrollment. Financial investment towards your well-being: $1,550. Contact me today to initiate our connection: (401) 500-5990 or don@donsorterup.com.