Clients’ Success

It was definitely not my best day when someone said “life coach”. Wasn’t my best year, and I definitely wasn’t my best self.

I did what anyone would do and did some late night research into what “life coaching” meant…what it could mean for me and my hectic and tense life. I’m a business owner, a spouse, a parent, and someone with massive expectations for myself. During the pandemic especially, that was tested. I had a spouse that was deployed, my business partnership was drowning, and I’d seriously lost myself and any value I had and that I could use to hold my head up for even one more day.

I found and called Don, or as I aptly call him on occasion, “God.” He answered! We had a brief conversation that I could never forget. He allowed me to almost breathlessly run through my story/problems without interruption and at the end of my synopsis I assured him that I knew he wasn’t a therapist but that I could easily be persuaded that I was too much and that this “life coaching” wasn’t for me. I wanted to check the box of having connected with a coach; I quickly realized that it was what I needed, I gave it a shot.

After the first year of weekly and bi-weekly sessions, I find myself….no, I’ve found myself. I’ve sought myself and I continue to seek myself. The mindfulness, the rolling goal setting, the centering, and the feedback, are worth every second. To have Don as a coach is a bonus, a blessing, a benefit to my every day and each session brings new, informed, insightful, and brilliant insight…from us both. For this, I cannot say enough about Don. I look forward to what is in store. I could not thank him enough.” J. Martin, Esq.

Whether you are at the top of your mountain or at the bottom of the ravine, it’s always a good time to pause, assess, and learn about your ever-changing self and surroundings. The thing that is great about practicing self compassion is that it helps you accept the circumstances as they are and makes it easier for you to determine what’s realistically best for you (and potentially your objective). Sometimes obstacles arise between where you are and where you want to be and self compassion allows you to feel uncomfortable or something is unsafe. When it comes to improving yourself or a situation, retreating or changing bearings may be just as important as continuing the path ahead… and that’s okay!” Reva Golden

“I had the pleasure of taking the 30 Day Fostering Self Compassion course offered by Don Sorterup. 
I have been struggling with self-doubt, which has stunted my spiritual and professional growth. Negative self talk was an every day companion.
Taking the course gave me some tangible tools to calm the negative talk, brought awareness to areas I need to pay attention to in dealing with self-doubt, and offered some helpful exercises.
Ultimately, we are all responsible to make the shift in ourselves, and it won’t happen until we commit to our “self” and the process. But with helpful tools such as this, once we have the commitment to shift our thoughts and beliefs, we can start our healing journey.
I recommend this course highly. Especially, since it’s experiential and Don practices what he is preaching. Well done Don.”
S. Hashemi, RN