A collaborative relationship is a key component to moving forward.

It’s time to make a life altering decision. The clock is ticking. A lack of tolerance for your current circumstances (job, location or relationship) is asking you to make a change. Your heart and mind are seeking fresh opportunities.

A coaching client is weighing the decision to move to another city and create a new business all at the same time. Living outside of Boston and doing contract work is not serving his true potential or desires. The number of cities has been narrowed down to two with a strong vision and expertise to launch the business. A scouting trip is planned to finalize the choice city.

Three important components are aiding his life changing decision. The first two; his intuition and data. His gut, which is a very reliable source will let him know which city feels right. Doing the research and collecting the needed data will further support his decision.

The third important component is the objective, empowering and analytical support from me as his coach. We have created a trusting and collaborative relationship over the past six months. I listen to all the components and he is heard. I ask empowering questions to help him fine tune his own desires, intentions and goals. His emotional and intellectual energies have come into alignment. I offer objective encouragement for the decision he is about to make.

Over the next two weeks he will make these important decisions with the support of and confidence in all three components working together.

A testimonial from a different client. “I had the good fortune of having 2 sessions of coaching with Don Sorterup, at a time when I had to make some life altering decisions. He methodically assessed the situation, gauged my strengths and weaknesses, and together we devised a plan of action. He has a gentle, yet firm approach in empowering you to come up with the solution, and holds you responsible for following through. He also makes a follow up call on an agreed upon date to answer questions and keep you honest about executing the plan.  Needless to say, I made the leap I needed to make, and well on my way to manifesting my goals. I highly recommend Don as a coach, and will continue to work with him as needed.”  S.H.   Former Vice President of Clinical Services

Is it decision time for you? Let’s connect to see how my empowering coaching can support you as you move forward towards your true potential.