The “30 Days to Fostering Greater Self-Compassion” Program LEVEL 1



Learn how to foster self-compassion through:  self-acceptance, self-acknowledgment, establishing healthy boundaries and 12 other key elements.

We all tend to experience unnecessary suffering in the midst of our perceived failures and shortcomings.  Being hard on ourselves often prevents us from feeling worthy and loved.

Fostering self-compassion is a heartwarming experience.  A compassionate relationship opens the door to a deeper connection to ourselves through self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, gratitude and more.

I created the 30 day program out of my desire to embrace myself fully in light of my perceived shortcomings.  The days of being hard on myself are in the past.   Awareness of the 15 key elements blossomed from my daily meditation practice and poetry writing in tandem with my deep personal work.

I believe that fostering self-compassion empowers a deep level of well-being.

30 Day Program Testimonials

“I feel like the program has opened my eyes to things that perhaps I had been denying like “I am worth it”.  By no means is it hand holding or therapy but more a system of learning to see things differently while gaining  a deeper sense of self-respect.”  Andy

“Through this program, I was forced to look inward with thought provoking exercises that allowed me to think long and hard on how I treated myself, valued myself and my gifts and my purpose in this world.  It is far too easy for me to celebrate the gifts and contributions of others and completely overlook my own as I focus and ruminate on the errors, the inner judgement and the obstacles of my own life.  Don’s poetry and activities were lifting and kept me moving forward–escaping my usual trench.
I was able to stop and see my worth, my gifts, and focus on expanding those and seeing my purpose and contributions.  
This work is ongoing as one does not “heal” in a month.  But this month was very powerful and enlightening.  I will continue this work for a long time and return to these exercises and reflections often.  Thank you Don.”
Paige Crosby, VT

I invite you to experience the program for yourself.

This self-empowering 30 day program introduces you to the 15 key elements and supportive exercises to fostering greater self-compassion in your life.

How the program works:  Every other day for 30 days you will receive an email including the key element and exercise to journal.   Take time alone every day to engage the material and journal your findings.  Each day builds on the next creating  greater self-compassion.

3 Levels of the 30 Day Program:

  1.  The 30 day program in an empowering self-study format.  $89
  2.  The 30 day program plus 3 coaching calls:  Every 10 days we’ll have a 30 minute coaching call offering you support, strategies and encouragement.  $289
  3. The 30 day program plus 3 coaching calls:  Every 10 days we’ll have a 60 minute coaching call offering you support, strategies and encouragement.  $489

Give yourself the gift of self-love, self-acceptance and compassion through my 30 day program.

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Level 1

Self-study format.