Who are you….at age 30, + or – a couple of years?

Hitting age 30 has perhaps been a reality check for where you thought your life might be at this age. What defines you? What no longer defines you? Come explore this inquiry with awareness and curiosity empowered to answer the next question:  knowing who you are and what you care about, how do you want to spend your time and energy?

What’s standing in the way?

What’s standing between you and being kinder and more compassionate with yourself? I find that habitual perspectives and opinions of myself stand in the way. Let’s unpack these opinions and transform them by engaging a few key elements to fostering greater self-compassion. Fostering self-compassion is a heartwarming experience!

It’s time to take out the trash!

How often do you get rid of your garbage? I’m speaking of the emotional trash one picks up in their everyday lives. As you know it begins to stink after a while. It prevents you from seeing a situation with clarity and it can alter your perception of yourself. I offer 3 empowering habits for keeping your emotional trash bin clean.

What really matters in your life?

A wonderful question to ask in the midst of our busy lives. The question beckons us to look at how we spend our time and energy. Are we aligned with our beliefs, values, intentions, goals, passions and sense of purpose in life? Live the life that matters to you! Be well.

The Power of Self-Forgiveness

Self-forgiveness is one of the most powerful elements in creating and sustaining self-compassion. The more you forgive yourself for past afflictions the more space and energy you will have to embrace and love yourself. Notice how your perception of yourself shifts as you embrace the habit.

Fostering a habit of self-forgiveness is one of the key elements offered in my “30 Days to Fostering Self-Compassion” Program.  To learn more about the program.