Don has been building trusting and collaborative relationships with clients in his 25 years as a successful entrepreneur.  Transformation has been cornerstone to his working life; first as a home renovations contractor and now as a professional coach.

This curious sentient finds his spiritual home in Rinzai Zen Buddhism.  Don took Jukai vows in the Hollow Bones Order in October of 2017.  He has been an active member of the Mankind Project since 2005.  He loves to play in the ocean whether it be sailing, kayaking in his homemade boats or open water swimming.

Don lives in Bristol, Rhode Island with his beloved Theresa.

Jukai vows in the Hollow Bones Order of Zen Buddhism
Paddling Gypsy in Maine.








To reach Don, feel free to call him at 401.500.5990 or email him at info@donsorterup.com