My passion is discovering my true nature and engaging with the evolving puzzle pieces in this adventure called life.  Holding space while my clients process their own puzzle pieces is a reverent and fulfilling role I embrace.

Since my late 20’s I have had a passion for witnessing and facilitating people’s personal transformation work.  My ability to offer space, tools, empathy and guidance has always come naturally for me.  In 2011, I was certified as a professional coach through the highly regarded Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

My deep spiritual curiosity finds home in Rinzai Zen Buddhism.  My daily meditation practice fosters a connection to my true nature, spirit and my interconnection to others.   I love to play in the ocean whether it be sailing, kayaking in my homemade boats or open water swimming.

Don lives in Bristol, Rhode Island with his beloved Theresa.

Jukai vows in the Hollow Bones Order of Zen Buddhism, October 2017
Paddling Gypsy in Maine.








To reach Don, feel free to call him at 401.500.5990 or email him at info@donsorterup.com