Don has been building trusting and collaborative relationships with clients in his 25 years as a successful entrepreneur.  As a highly intuitive coach since 2011, he embodies the spirit of guiding individuals on their unique journeys.

He is a certified professional coach from the highly regarded Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.  Don takes pride in his keen listening skills while holding space for his clients agenda.  His congenial and steadfast approach is a catalyst for creating clarity and transformation.

Don authored the “30 days to Fostering Greater Self Compassion” Program out of his own desire to embrace himself fully in light of his perceived shortcomings.  The days of being hard on himself are in the past.   Awareness of the 15 key elements blossomed from his daily meditation practice and poetry writing in tandem with his deep personal work.

He has thrived in the dynamic of creating and facilitating transformative workshops for the past 6 years.  A teacher at heart, once he embraces a new tool or strategy he seeks to share it with others.  Don taps into his own vulnerability while offering a safe container for participants to engage with the material.  They leave with new insights and tactics for their own growth.

Don lives in Bristol, Rhode Island with his beloved Theresa.  He has been an active member of the Mankind Project since 2005 and has taken Jukai vows in the Hollow Bones order of Mondo Zen Buddhism.  He loves to play in the ocean whether it be sailing, kayaking in his homemade boats or open water swimming.

Let’s connect.  I can be reached at 401.500.5990 or via email:  info@donsorterup.com.