Welcome to Don Sorterup Coaching

With passion, I teach self-compassion.

What could happen if you habitually embraced yourself?

  • Foster greater peace of mind.
  • Deepen your authentic & loving connection to yourself.
  • Rebound quicker after falling short.
  • Create alignment with your passions, values and beliefs.
  • Greater kindness towards yourself.  Refraining from being hard on yourself.
  • Bring into focus your inherent worthiness.
  • Expand your perception of yourself.
  • Positively impact your relationships.

Break your heart open, to yourself.

To facilitate your transformation, I created the Fostering Greater Self-Compassion Program & Workshop.


I invite you to learn more about  my 30 Days to Fostering Greater Self-Compassion Program.


I invite you to learn more about my Fostering Greater Self-Compassion Workshop.


30 Day Program Self-Study Testimonial:

I had the pleasure of taking the ’30 Days to Fostering Greater Self-Compassion’ Program offered by Don Sorterup.  I have been struggling with self-doubt, which has stunted my spiritual and professional growth. Negative self talk was an every day companion.  Taking the course gave me some tangible tools to calm the negative talk, brought awareness to areas I need to pay attention to in dealing with self-doubt, and offered some helpful exercises.
Ultimately, we are all responsible to make the shift in ourselves, and it won’t happen until we commit to our “self” and the process.  But with helpful tools such as this, once we have the commitment to shift our thoughts and beliefs, we can start our healing journey.  I recommend this course highly. Especially, since it’s experiential and Don practices what he is preaching. Well done Don.” S. Hashemi, RN