Connecting Through Compassion!

With passion I teach self-compassion to individuals and groups through my coaching, workshops and my “30 Days to Fostering Greater Self-Compassion” Program.

Are you ready to transform your relationship with yourself?

Imagine a relationship with yourself that is:

  • kind and gracious in the midst of life’s challenges

  • self-accepting and full of acknowledgment

  • competent at taming your self-critic

  • free of your past infractions through the practice of self-forgiveness

  • empowered through clear and healthy boundaries with others

  • full of gratitude and self-love

I believe that fostering self-compassion empowers a deep level of well-being.

Break your heart open
to yourself
the longing
the waiting
is over

I invite you to learn more about  my “30 Days to Fostering Greater Self-Compassion” Program today!  The empowering self-study program is $76.

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